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This interface has major implementation with VGUI.

//========= Copyright © 1996-2005, Valve Corporation, All rights reserved. ============//
// Purpose: 
// $NoKeywords: $

#ifndef ISCHEME_H
#define ISCHEME_H

#ifdef _WIN32
#pragma once

#include <vgui/VGUI.h>
#include "interface.h"

class Color;

namespace vgui

typedef unsigned long HScheme;
typedef unsigned long HTexture;

class IBorder;
class IImage;

// Purpose: Holds all panel rendering data
//			This functionality is all wrapped in the Panel::GetScheme*() functions
class IScheme : public IBaseInterface
	// gets a string from the default settings section
	virtual const char *GetResourceString(const char *stringName) = 0;

	// returns a pointer to an existing border
	virtual IBorder *GetBorder(const char *borderName) = 0;

	// returns a pointer to an existing font
	virtual HFont GetFont(const char *fontName, bool proportional = false) = 0;

	// inverse font lookup
	virtual char const *GetFontName( const HFont& font ) = 0;

	// colors
	virtual Color GetColor(const char *colorName, Color defaultColor) = 0;

class ISchemeManager: public IBaseInterface
	// loads a scheme from a file
	// first scheme loaded becomes the default scheme, and all subsequent loaded scheme are derivitives of that
	virtual HScheme LoadSchemeFromFile(const char *fileName, const char *tag) = 0;

	// reloads the scheme from the file - should only be used during development
	virtual void ReloadSchemes() = 0;

	// reloads scheme fonts
	virtual void ReloadFonts() = 0;

	// returns a handle to the default (first loaded) scheme
	virtual HScheme GetDefaultScheme() = 0;

	// returns a handle to the scheme identified by "tag"
	virtual HScheme GetScheme(const char *tag) = 0;

	// returns a pointer to an image
	virtual IImage *GetImage(const char *imageName, bool hardwareFiltered) = 0;
	virtual HTexture GetImageID(const char *imageName, bool hardwareFiltered) = 0;

	// This can only be called at certain times, like during paint()
	// It will assert-fail if you call it at the wrong time...

	// FIXME: This interface should go away!!! It's an icky back-door
	// If you're using this interface, try instead to cache off the information
	// in ApplySchemeSettings
	virtual IScheme *GetIScheme( HScheme scheme ) = 0;

	// unload all schemes
	virtual void Shutdown( bool full = true ) = 0;

	// gets the proportional coordinates for doing screen-size independant panel layouts
	// use these for font, image and panel size scaling (they all use the pixel height of the display for scaling)
	virtual int GetProportionalScaledValue(int normalizedValue) = 0;
	virtual int GetProportionalNormalizedValue(int scaledValue) = 0;


} // namespace vgui

#endif // ISCHEME_H