INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat

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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.

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Note.png Note: This article is about the free mod released on Steam in 2007. "Insurgency" has since been released as a standalone game.

<Insurgency> Insurgency: Modern Infantry Combat (INS) is a multiplayer total conversion for Half-Life 2.

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Grab your rifle, join your team mates, and enter the fight. Take to the modern battlefield and engage in intense, realistic battles. Choose your side between a highly organized conventional army or the partisan insurgents. Teamwork, tactics, bravery and discipline are the keys to your success in a deadly and treacherous modern war environment. INSURGENCY: Modern Infantry Combat represents the modern battlefield on the individual and tactical levels. Only the best players will become commanders and get the chance to lead its entire team towards victory. This is a game where real-world squad and guerrilla tactics are necessary to stay alive and repel the enemy, and is geared towards clans and organized teams of players.


  • Modern infantry combat on Valve's Source engine
  • Free total conversion, any Valve game that includes Source SDK (Half-Life 2, HL2: Episode One, etc.) [1] and Steam required
  • Chain of Command commanders control their squad/cell with ease
  • Morale system to set high value on teamplay
  • Customizable gameplay "Insurgency map configuration" system
  • Unique reinforcement wave system
  • Depth of realism, iron sights, free aim, ricochet, bullet penetration, weapon weights, and more
  • No bullshit HUD; only see what's important, when it's important
    • Vector based HUD textures, allowing the highest quality HUD at any resolution. No kill messages, except for deaths of teammates
  • Weapon caches used for rearming on the battlefield, destroyable by the other team
  • Global stats and simple forum registration keeps track of your player statistics forever
  • Network a comprehensive "" will cover all your insurgency needs


Respawn system

The respawn system is a pool system, when one person dies they are placed in a pool. That pool will build up with other players that have died for a set amount of time. When the timer reaches zero, all the players that are currently waiting will respawn, and the process repeats.

Squad commanders will also be able to call for reinforcements, which forces their squad to spawn in the next 5 seconds. When the players in his squad spawn, they are shown where the location of the "reinforcement calling" was from so that they can link up with their squad easily.

Morale system

The morale system is set up to be a form of scoring. When a player works as part of the team, as by capturing objectives or staying with their squad, the player's morale grows. The higher the player's morale, the higher that player's rank is. Rank determines which order you get to pick your class in in the following rounds.

Squad structure

The current feature being worked on, that will most likely be the one in release, includes 2 potential squads for each team (8 players in a squad). Squad leaders can call for reinforcements, issue waypoints, assign objectives etc.

Squad leaders will be able to call for reinforcements, which forces their squad to spawn in the next 5 seconds. When the players in his squad spawn, they are shown where the location of the reinforcement calling was from so that they can link up with their squad easily. Even though squad leaders can call for reinforcements, there is still a reinforcement wave time. If a squad leader does not call reinforcements, the players will spawn when the next reinforcement wave occurs. Reinforcement waves will have a slightly longer wait time than a normal reinforcements-based game.

A platoon commander (Commander who can control both squads) has been removed due to over-complexity. Although the current system is working well, should the opportunity arise, there is a chance for a return of the platoon commander position later in development.


M9 pistol
AKS-74U assault rifle

US Marine Corps

M16A4 [2] M16 w/M203 [3] M4 w/ Aimpoint [4]
M4 w/ iron sights&PG [5] M14 DMR [6][7] M1014 Shotgun [8][9]
M249 SAW [10][11] M9 Beretta [12] Ka-Bar Combat Knife [13]
M67 Frag M18 Smoke


AK-47 [14][15] AKS-74U Carbine [16] RPK LMG [17]
SKS [18][19] FN L1A1 [20] Al-Kadesiah (SVD) [21]
Lee Enfield L42A1 [22] TOZ Shotgun [23] RPG-7 [24]
Makarov [25] Bayonet [26] RGD-5 Frag
M18 Smoke


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