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INFRA INFRA (2016) is a singleplayer adventure game developed by Loiste Interactive created using the Source Engine. Set in the fictional Baltic City of Stalburg, the player must solve a variety of mechanical and electrical puzzles and visit dozens of unique locations, each with distinct gameplay all while avoiding hazards of the city's decaying infrastructure.

INFRA is based on Portal 2's engine branch. Therefore, much of the documentation on this wiki pertaining to Portal 2 may also apply to INFRA.

The game was released in an episodic format of three acts in total, the latter two being available for free as downloadable content. The final act was released on September 27th, 2017.


Improved shadow mapping

Up to eight env_projectedtexture entities can be used at once, based on the Portal 2 implementation.

Increased engine limits

More brushes and entities can be used within a single level allowing for larger and more detailed levels.

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