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* {{moddb|7488}}
* {{moddb|7488}}
[[Category:Single Player Mods]]
[[Category:Single Player Mods]]

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This mod for Source has been released! Download it now.


Hypercube: Source is a mod of Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, aiming to mimic the movie "Cube 2: Hypercube". The object of the game is to escape a cube that you are inside, and evade traps that are sprung on you. The current version of the mod is 2.0, and is available at its website or on ModDB.


  • Several deadly traps inspired from the movie
  • Simulated infinite number of cubes



While working on another mod I took a one month break to make this quick mod. Little did I know it would become well played among the community. It received an honorable mention for the best puzzle mod in moddb mod of the year awards.


Cubedude89 - Lead Developer
MXVII - Ideas
Jenny - Beta Tester

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