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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.

Half-Life 2 Project HullBreach is a massive modification project aiming to create a futuristic total conversion for Half-Life 2's Source engine from Valve Software - Hull Breach lets the public community participate in the design of the game at their official forum which provides a great insight into what gamers do and do not want.

Some of the basic features of the game will be :

  • Character persistence on a small scale, releasing community management code so administrators or companies can (optionally) allow account creation, persistence, skill / tech trees and more. These community sites will be given the option to link in with the main Hullbreach site allowing us to manage leagues, monitor game play, bugtrack and plenty more.
  • Gravity variations within a single map allowing you to leave the artificial gravity of ships / space stations.
  • A unique almost aircraft style visor based Heads up display with upgrades.
  • Open visor vs. closed visor game play. Players HUDS (including aiming reticle) are displayed on the players visor. A large tactical element within the Source engine is the use of sound. Within an environment with breathable atmosphere the players will be able to open and close their visor at will. With the visor closed sound will be muffled however you will have a reticle and additional information displayed. Opening the visor will remove your reticle and hud information (apart from vital information displayed on the rim of the helmet) but give the player the advantage of superior audio capabilities.
  • To combat the blue tack on screen type players we will implement a 'loose' aim to the guns a little like golden eye on the Nintendo 64. Iron sights for most weapons will also be used.
  • Last man standing game play is the preferred choice for a tense realism shooter but the spectator element is something people disliked. The option of noughts and crosses did cross our mind However through a stroke of genius we decided to implement a respawn system whereby dead players respawn as Covert Recon Bot, CRB:s. When all living players on a team are dead then the opposition will win regardless of the bots. Using the new source screen within a screen tech we will be allowing living players to view video feed from Recon players. They will also be allowed to interact with map technology (interfacing with consoles and terminals).
  • Territory style is the preferred choice of map progression (along with standard map rotations as an option) whereby teams battle over a admin customisable galaxy map and attempt to take every location to win the war - holding key locations will provide access to certain powerups and weapons

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