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Template:WIP BY Template:-alphamodsmall <Half-Life 2> Hostile Intent Phoenix Rising (HIPR) is the Source engine successor to the popular half-Life third party Mod Hostile Intent. Like its successor It attempts to set itself apart from other tactical shooters such as Counter-Strike and attempts to balance teamwork, communication and realism to keep a fun and unique form of gameplay.

"Hostile Intent for all intents and purposes is the thinking man's First Person Shooter. In Hostile Intent the player has to use cover wisely, conserve his ammo, work well with his teammates, use communication effectively, keep the mission at the forefront of his mind and especially keep his cool under fire."

Game Media

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Key features

  • Iron sight aiming system with no shooting from the hip
  • Promotes team based play whenever possible with some features such as No death notification and no Scores for kills on the scoreboard.
  • balanced realism based weapons and damages.
  • Weapons are equipped by players with no need to buy or level up to get other weapons.
  • Weapon attachment system to allow players to use attachments such as ACOG's, Reflex sights and suppressors.
  • NATO vs. Tango forces.
  • Round-based Tactical gameplay that stresses teamwork and defense over run and gun gameplay.
  • Extremely minimalistic and realistic HUD that only shows the bare minimum thats required.


Hostile Intent has a thriving and dedicated online community at its online forums and #hostileintent on gamesurge's IRC network. A lot of the community has been around since the beginning of the HI project, across 3 forum wipes, 2 server hosts, and about 4 years of stop-and-start development. The developers constantly post in the forums and request feedback and bug reports, if what they're working on isn't a secret.

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