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Here is a crash course in editing, based on what I have learned in the last 5 minutes. If you find that something I have written is incorrect, well then, feel free to correct me!

When you select Edit on a page that is unlocked, you will be taken to a new page, where the top will be the page as it is currently, and the bottom will be a textbox with simple editing features. You can make whatever changes you like, add a quick summary of your changes (useful if you're fixing an obscure spelling error), and then save it. And that's it! Your changed page is now the "official" page-- That is, until someone else edits it.

The editing buttons: Each button, when pressed, will paste a small example of the usage of a peice of special formatting. Based on these examples, I have made the following guide. Bold Text Example is given as: '''Bold text''' Bold text is very simple. Put in three (3) single apostrophes before the section of text you wish to bold, and three (3) after.

If I wanted to make this text bold

The code would run as so: If I wanted to '''make this text bold'''