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Articles may develop a variety of problems which require cleanup in order to get the article to a higher level of quality. Problems can include typographical errors and poor grammar and spelling, poor wording, articles written in the first person, and other problems. If you run across such issues, please do the best you can to fix them yourself! If you can't fix an issue yourself and want to mark it for others, there are templates provided below.


Main article:  Help:Linking

One of the more common problems on VDC is that people fail to use wikilinks - linking words to other articles. Wikilinks can save a lot of time and increase understanding for readers. For example, if an article mentions a brush entity, but doesn't say what that is, a novice level editor might be confused and have to type "brush entity" into the search bar. It's a lot easier to link the words brush entity!

Point of View

Articles should be writen in the third person, avoiding the usage of "I" (first person) and "you" (second person) whenever possible. If referring to gameplay, use "the player" rather than "you" ("The player can stand on the button to open the door".) In tutorials and other material related to development, the word "you" can be acceptable, or it may be possible to remove it, for example changing "Next, you tie the brush to..." to "Next, tie the brush to...". In tutorials, phrasing such as "I prefer to use the..." can be changed to "A good choice is the...".

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