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A command-line tool situated in "common\<gamename>\<gamefolder>\bin\height2normal.exe", previously used to convert a heightmap texture into a normal map texture. It stopped working at least since 11 August 2006, generating no output file, but old versions of this program may still exist.

Proper execution of this program included:

  • Creating a targa (.tga) image with _height appended before the extension.
  • Creating a text (.txt) file with _normal appended before the extension, containing the following:
"bumpscale" "1.0"

Keep in mind:

  • You could change the bumpscale if you didn't like the output you were getting.
  • The targa (.tga) image and text (.txt) file should have the same name without their appended text and extension.

Height2normal should be executed with the text file name.

ex: height2normal "C:\a\b\c\tgafile_normal.txt"

The output created by running height2normal will be a targa (.tga) image.

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