Hammer Torus Properties

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Hammer Torus Dialog.png

The Torus tool allows you to make complicated curved shapes, such as pipes. The graphic preview gives an approximation of how the final torus will look with the settings chosen.

Note.png Note: Tori aren't actually primitives, but rather collections of a finite amount of brushes of different shapes.

Complex shapes such as this can be created easily with the torus tool. Note that highly detailed brushes can be a pain for physics calculations.


This button will redraw the graphic preview of the torus using the current settings.
Wall width
This is the width of the individual pieces of the torus. You can extend the torus walls outward by using a negative value here.
Number of Sides
You can enter a value here between 3 and 100.
This is the number of degrees the torus will span. You can enter a value here that is between 8 and 360. Clicking the Circle button will automatically insert 360.
Start Angle
This lets you adjust the angle of the torus pieces, by setting the degree that the first piece is created:
Cross-Section Radius
This allows to make torus middle point larger or smaller.
Note.png Note: If you are planning on making a hollow ball without this cross section it is recommended not use torus primitive but making a sphere and making it hollow.
Rotation Sides
The amount of faces/sides in total volume of the torus.
Rotation Arc
The amount of rotations in degrees. (360 = one complete rotation)
Rotation Start Angle
The angle which the arc starts at.
Rotation Height
The amount of units the shape will curve upwards or downwards. This option is currently unusable and generates invalid brushes.

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