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This dialog allows you to place the selected objects in a existing VisGroup, or make an new VisGroup to contain the selection. Visibility Groups, or VisGroups, are a way to group objects in layers to organize and manipulate them. The primary purpose for VisGroups is to hide pre-defined sets of objects for speed and organizational reasons. For more information on VisGroups, see Grouping and VisGrouping.

Hammer visgroup2.png

Place object in exisiting VisGroup

Displays a tree control listing of the VisGroups already defined in the current map. Click a VisGroup in the list to select it, and the selected objects will be placed in that VisGroup after you press OK.

Create new VisGroup

Click the radio button next to this option, then type in a VisGroup name in the accompanying text field. A new VisGroup with that name will be created, and the selected objects will be added to the VisGroup.

Remove objects from all other VisGroups

Checking this box will remove the selected objects from all other VisGroups. They will only be included in the VisGroup selected in the dialog box.


Closes the New VisGroup dialog box and applies the selected changes to the current selection.


Closes the New VisGroup dialog box without making any changes to the current selection.