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Warning.png Warning: Instancing is only supported by <Left 4 Dead 2>Left 4 Dead 2 and later


Create New Instance From Selection

Creates New Instance from Selection

Bug.png Bug: Does not work, just create a new vmf file in the "instances" folder



Colapses instances either by selection or all into the main map

View Instances


  • Hide

Hides Instances if checked

  • Show Tinted

Shows instances with the highlighting if checked

  • Show Normal

shows instances without the highlighting if checked



  • Hide All Instances

Hides all currently opened instances

  • Show All Instances

Shows all of the Instances currently apart of the main map

Create Manifest

Creates a Manifest of the current Instances within a VMF. Think of this like a visgroup list, but only for instances.

version Control

  • Add Manifest
  • Checkout Manifest
  • Check In All
  • Check Out All

View Manifests

  • Hide Except Current
  • Tinted
  • Show Normal

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