Hammer Arch Properties

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The Arch primitive allows you to make complicated curved arches or circular staircases simply and quickly. The graphic preview gives an approximation of how the final arch will look with the settings chosen.

Hammer Arch Dialog.png


This button will redraw the graphic preview of the arch using the current settings.

Wall width

This is the width of the individual pieces of the arch. You can extend the arch walls outward by using a negative value here.

Number of sides

You can enter a value here between 3 and 100.

Note.png Note: Creating too many sides on a small area will result odd results and most likely improper brush geometry.


This is the number of degrees the arch will span. You can enter a value here that is between 8 and 360.


This button sets the Arc field to 360, which will generate a circular arch.

Start Angle

This lets you adjust the angle of the arch pieces, by setting the degree that the first piece is created:

Hammer Arch StartAngle.png

Add Height

This allows you to make a stepped arch (like a circular stairway). Positive values create steps upward, and negative values downward. The steps increase or decrease in a clockwise manner:

Hammer Arch AddHeight.png

It's also possible to reverse the direction of the rotation of the steps by using the scale tool and setting a value of -1 for an axis that is not the axis along the staircase (e.g. if you make a spiral go up, its axis is the z-axis, and a value of -1 for Scale in X or Y will reverse the direction that the stairs travel.


Warning.png Warning:  Never scale an arch once you have created it. This will result the verticles to be misaligned from the grid and checking "check map for problems" will state that your arch has improper geometry and will be removed once you reload your map or compile it.

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