Half Life: Residual Life

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This SP mod for Half-Life has been released! Download it now.


Finally, a new age, but where you came from himself, will not even know who he is.

But, in any case, you go, you will know the meaning of existence itself.

At the same time, the world will spiral into chaos once again invite you to be.


  1. Impossibility Dream
  2. Black Mesa Inbound
  3. Routine Work
  4. State of Emergency
  5. Legal Defence
    1. 'One' is all, 'All' in one! (Second Path)
  6. Ground Zero
    1. Between Worlds and Chaos (First Bonus Chapter)
  7. No Way Out
  8. Countdown (Branches into two routes)

Black Mesa Route

  1. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
  2. Heart of Evil
  3. Center of All thins
  4. Sun-Eater's Pillar (Second Bonus Chapter)
  5. The Tiny Dwarf (Third Bonus Chapter, Boss fight)

Xen Route

  1. Chronos Ruins
  2. Ashes of Lautrec
  3. Alter of Sacrifice(Fourth Bonus Chapter, another Boss fight)


  1. Impossibility Dream
  2. Epilogue

a labyrinth "too complex" for its author

this mapper had tried to make his maps like a very large labyrinth [ sadly for him : not anybody is clever enough , like sixcentgeorge , to handle complex stories and find the way to bypass bugs.. , not any one.. ] with triggers to block some doors according to the entrance and the way of going ... that was a "game for child " to collect the "changelevels" and then tests them.. very very few of them are working.. that is sad and if he had better friends than those lazies of svencoop & moddb , debugging for real.. the mod ..not those that try to "update & arrange" ... may be the result could have been a bit better.. i made a "pirate map" of my collections of "changelevels" [ that was also to tests the roads and try to "use some paths.. " but i am not very "happy" of what can be done.. i ll recheck later when having more time "to loose " during these days of confination because of virus19 roaming outside.. ] here are the two images of the map after starting the game with these bsp :

"map" "rk00" "map" "rl00r1" "map" "rl00t1" "map" "rl00u1" "map" "rl00s1" "map" "rl00a7" "map" "rl009" "map" "rl010" "map" "rl01a1" "map" "rl02" "map" "rl02w" "map" "rl02y" "map" "rl02o" "map" "rl02u3a" "map" "rl02p" "map" "rl02l2"

  1. img20201110-08341960.jpg
  1. resignation-life-003.jpg

have fun playing this unfinished masterpiece

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