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The Half-Life Dedicated Server or HLDS is an application to run a dedicated server for GoldSrc games, without the client component.

Hardware Requirements

The system requirements vary depending on how many players you have on your server.

CPU - Depends on the number of clients. At least P2 266 for hosting a full game, the more the better. 400MHz recommended.

RAM - Minimum 64 MB, 128 MB recommended.

Bandwidth - Also depends on the number of clients. At least 512kbps upstream recommended.


No matter which type of server you are using, your computer must be able to receive unsolicited incoming connections. This is exactly what routers and software firewalls exist to prevent, so if you are using either you will have to reconfigure. Refer to the manufacturer instructions for how to do this.

The ports HLDS officially requires are:

  1. 27015 UDP (game transmission, pings)
  2. 27015 TCP (RCON)
  3. 27020 UDP (HLTV transmission)
  4. 26900 UDP (VAC service) -- automatically increments if used in case of additional server processes

HLDS has also been spotted opening connections on 27005 to 27030 UDP/TCP, but some of these may be outbound only.

Tip.png Tip: Pinging your own server will fail with some routers and/or ISPs. The most reliable way to test whether your connection is open is either to get a friend to try connecting, or to install the Microsoft Network Monitor (apply the filter Udp.Port == 27015) and watch for requests coming in from random people around the world. Note that the heartbeats you will see being sent to the two master servers do not mean that the connection is open.
Note.png Note: A residential internet connections may not have the upload capacity to support large games.


See SteamCMD for most games. See HLDSUpdateTool for games that haven't been updated in a long time.

Configuring and running the server

Navigate to the folder you just installed your server in. There should be a bunch of files and folders, including a directory with the name of the game you have just installed, e.g. cstrike for Counter-Strike (1.6). The configuration files are located in the <game>/cfg/ e.g. cstrike/cfg/ directory.

Edit the main configuration file: <game>/cfg/server.cfg. Change the hostname line (this is the name people will see in the server browser) and other options to your liking.


Open the dictory where you have installed the server and start the server by double click at hlds.exe or by batch command:

hlds.exe -console -game <game> +maxplayers X +map <map>

For example:

hlds.exe -console -game cstrike +maxplayers 8 +map de_dust


Open a terminal where you have installed the server and start the server:

./hlds_run -game <game> +maxplayers X +map <map>

For example:

./hlds_run -game cstrike +maxplayers 8 +map de_dust

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