Half-Life 2: Revolution

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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.

O.I.C.W. In Game
Gauss gun


A new sense of realism, more dynamic gameplay, and a big SP Campaign—that's what Half-Life 2: Revolution is all about.

Immerse yourself in a game with an entirely redesigned gameplay system that adds a huge depth of realism to Half-Life 2. Experience realistic kickbacks and a completely balanced weapon system.


  • A Complete 7 Chapter SP Campaign
  • Tons of Added Weapons
  • Multi-passenger vehicles
  • COOP Missions along with Regular DM
  • Third-person vehicles
  • New vehicles, including the Plasma Racer
  • New and improved interactive menu for the server
  • New HUD layout for weapons
  • Voting system
  • And much, much more...


Gauss gun Gauss gun


Half-Life 2: Revolution used to be Half-Life 2.5, and before that it was The All Weapons Mod. I believe we were the first Source mod to incorporate the Gauss Gun (Tau Cannon), and we probably were the first Source mod to get a decent model for it. We have been around for a long time—almost as long as Half-Life 2 DM has been out. We have been quiet for a while, but now we are coming back with an all-new name, Half-Life 2: Revolution.


Team Leader/Website Designer/Graphic Designer/Lead Programmer/Lead Modeler: Michael Kramer (Gameexpertmaster)

Lead Animator/Modeler: James Murray (Sub-Zero, Terminator1324)

Other info

The current release version is 0.02; it is still in beta. The features of this version include:

  • Gauss Gun (A completely new model than in previous versions, as well as an accurate shot through walls)
  • Long jump

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