Half-Life 2: Episode One Bugs

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Alyx pushes you off the vortex bridge if you stand in her scripted path. --Amckern 07:28, 6 Jun 2006 (PDT)
Shouldn't you be past the bridge when she's running on that path? --Alph Tech STUART 13:49, 6 Jun 2006 (PDT)
I like to test my limits on scripted enviroments. However it was just a bad hair day for Alyx I spose, "Get out of my way, or I'll push you off!"
Sometimes a Combine soldier would go through the door to where Barney is, and start punching/shooting him. Barney does not take damage and does not reply. It would be better to just prevent Combine from going through that door completely. —Matveims 16:31, 5 Jun 2006 (PDT)


In ep1_c17_00: Reflection corrupted on the ceiling of the first zombie-infested parking lot. Running on XFX GeForce 7900GT, fresh drivers. —Matveims 16:31, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT)
In ep1_c17_00: If you turn around after entering the second level of the first vent in this map, you can see that the level designer made the internal vent opening a few units too tall, so that it stretched over the opening, allowing the player to see through the nodraw and dev textured side.--Fitzroy doll 08:28, 2 Jun 2006 (PDT)
In ep1_c17_05: The volumetric light columns are abnormally lit up with a flashlight. The effect is very unnatural. —Matveims 16:34, 2 Jun 2006 (PDT)


  • Chapter names should be in all caps if memory serves. --Alph Tech STUART 12:07, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT)
  • Suit power doesn't disappear when you die from falling. --Alph Tech STUART 15:46, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT)
  • One of the autosaves in Urban Flight creates a savegame with strange (apparently unintended) title: #episodic_Chapter4_title. —Matveims 21:20, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT) I've seen this happen with other chapters too --Alph Tech STUART 16:03, 2 Jun 2006 (PDT)

  • When using Steam's "Create Desktop Shortcut" command, the shortcut has a black Steam-16px.gif "Steam" icon, instead of the Hl2px16.gif Half-Life 2 icon. —Matveims 13:14, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT)

Episode 2 Trailer

  • The episode 2 trailer sometimes causes a crash. 3 out of 5 times tested, it crashed source. --Steamfraiser 07:52, 2 Jun 2006 (PDT)
    • Here it doesn't crash but for some reason it closes HL2EP1 (I see Windows again) and then the game is restarted and the trailer is shown? --dutchmega 09:03, 2 Jun 2006 (PDT)
      • I'm getting a restart to a completely black HL2 screen. Nothing happens. --Alph Tech STUART 16:21, 2 Jun 2006 (PDT)
      • Mine actually physically crashes, I get a "HL2.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close" then nothing opens back up. It's okay though, because the trailer was extracted to my PC and I watched it there :D --Steamfraiser 14:03, 2 Jun 2006 (PDT)
  • Maybe something linked to this?
  • The trailer pixelates, and chops in res under 1280, such as 1024, and 800.
    • The trailer causes windows to start up and the trailer to play, it glitches (lag) when Eli starts to talk, the same happens when I play the actual file in C:\(user name)\half-life 2 episode one\episodic\media. Maybe the file got corrupted upon download, a common problem with video files.--Deadity 06:37, 6 Jun 2006 (PDT)
  • Always locks my system (P4 2.4, 1GB, ATI X850 Pro), the only way I can view the Episode 2 vid is to play it from the media folder. Noticed the other videos are all 1280x720 but Ep2_Teaser.wmv is 1280x960. Even from a fresh boot with all other apps shutdown my sys stops responding when that video level fails to load. --wisemx 05:57, 7 Jun 2006 (PDT)

Alternate route: Template:Steamlink

Console Errors


  • In ep1_background01. (Matveims 12:46, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT))
Warning: using WorldTwoTextureBlend on a non-displacement surface.
Support for this will go away soon.
   - Material       : maps/ep1_background01/concrete/blendconcreterock001a_-8608_6016_35
   - Surface center : -8989 6072 -16
Warning: using WorldTwoTextureBlend on a non-displacement surface (material:
maps/ep1_background01/concrete/blendconcreterock001a_-8608_6016_35). Support for this will go away soon.
  • In ep1_background01a. (Matveims 16:33, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT))
Empty ambient_generic (ambient_generic) at 2255.00, 1107.60, 195.60

Undue Alarm

  • Happens all the time: (Matveims 12:47, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT))
CGameServer::BroadcastSound: Recipient Filter for sound (reliable: no, init: no) with bogus client index (1) in list of 1 clients

Direct Intervention

Entity func_brush(brush_podclamp_1b) has bad parent move_podrail_2b
  • WHEN GETTING THE GRAVITY GUN UPGRADE: (Matveims 13:14, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT))
CSceneEntity lcs_al_citadel_01_gravcharge_02 unable to find actor named "global_newgame_spawner_physcannon"
  • IN THE NEXT HALL AFTER GETTING AN UPGRADED GRAVITY GUN: When falling into the void: (Matveims 13:14, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT))
AddMultiDamage:  g_MultiDamage.GetDamageForce() == vec3_origin
Changing collision rules within a callback is likely to cause crashes!
  • IN THE ELEVATOR WITH FALLING DEBRIS: (Matveims 15:38, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT))
CSceneEntity alyx_elevator_stopped_vcd_2 unable to find actor named "Alyx"
  • DURING THE TRANSMISSION FROM Dr.MOSSMAN !!: (Matveims 16:16, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT))
Mossman2: unknown scripted sequence "idle1"
Failed to load sound "npc\ministrider\ministrider_alert4.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository
Failed to load sound "npc\ministrider\ministrider_alert1.wav", file probably missing from disk/repository
Dynamic prop door_rollertraining: no sequence named:idle_close


  • BEFORE & DURING RIDING THE ELEVATOR UP: (Matveims 19:35, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT))
FuncTrackTrain 'elevator_garage' has no target.
Can't find a nearby track !!!

Urban Flight

  • WHILE FIGHTING THE ANTLION (ep1_c17_02): (Matveims 00:41, 4 Jun 2006 (PDT))
ERROR: Guard antlion_guard cannot find charge position '(null)'
Make sure you've specifed the parameters as [target start]!
  • SOON AFTER ENTERING THE BUILDING WITH TRIPMINES & BARELLS (ep1_c17_02): (Matveims 00:41, 4 Jun 2006 (PDT))
CSceneEntity lcs_al_c17_00_lockeddoor_2 unable to find actor named "mark_al_darkDoor_2"
CSceneEntity lcs_al_c17_00_lockeddoor_2 unable to find actor named "darkdoor_2_doortarget"
  • IMMEDIATELY AFTER ENTERING THE HOSPITAL (not long after meeting Barney): (Matveims 21:41, 1 Jun 2006 (PDT))
Precache of sprites/light_glow02_add_noz ambigious (no extension specified)

Exit 17

  • BEGINNING OF THE CHAPTER: (Matveims 14:24, 6 Jun 2006 (PDT))
custom hdr cubemap "materials/environment maps/borealis_003.hdr.vtf": can't be found on disk.
This really should have an HDR version but I will tryfalling back to the non-hdr one.
material "sprites/flamefromabove" not found
  • WHEN COMING BACK FOR THE SECOND CITIZEN SQUAD, in front of the train station: (Matveims 16:52, 2 Jun 2006 (PDT))
ERROR: Squad 'squad_combine' has enemies in it!
manhack_parkinglot doesn't like scanner_bomber_1
ERROR: Squad 'squad_combine' has enemies in it!
manhack_parkinglot doesn't like scanner_bomber_2

Fixed Bugs

  • Commentary Track: No subtitles were available for several commentary nodes. Bug has been fixed by Valve with this update on 9 Jun 2006. See this page as of 10 Jun 2006 for details on this ex-bug. --Matveims 01:23, 11 Jun 2006 (PDT)

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