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The point_template is an entity that can be used to spawn other entities when triggered. In Half-Life: Alyx, point_templates can be properly used to prepare NPCs for when a player passes a trigger, to spawn certain items such as ammo or puzzle items when the player interacts with something, among other things. Each point_template can have up to 64 other entities tied to it.

*It is important to note that each entity tied to the point_template must be named, as well as the point_template itself.


This section will teach you how spawn, & set-up a proper point_template. In this example, 3 combine soldiers will spawn when the player passes through a trigger.

  • Place down an Entity using Shift + E. Change the Entity class to a point_template
  • Give the point_template a suitable name. This example will use the name "template_3combine"

[Insert Image Here]

  • Spawn in the combine soldiers with the Entity class npc_combines_s. Give each a unique name. (Note: each soldier will spawn where you place them in the editor, NOT where the point_template is!)
  • In the point_template properties (double click on it), designate each combine soldier as one of the templates by putting in their names in each field (Ex: Template 1 - "otis")

[Insert Image Here]

  • Create a brush where you want your trigger to be, and once created press Crtl + T to turn the brush into a trigger entity.

Designate the class as a trigger_once. This is to prevent spawning of the combine multiple times (unless you want this to happen!). Name the trigger.