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This tutorial will teach you how make the Holo Hacking Puzzles.


Create a test room. Insert a info_hlvr_holo_hacking_plug entity at the position you want the player to use the multitool. Insert a info_hlvr_holo_hacking_spawn_target , unless you are making the Point Drag puzzle.

Set the name of the info_hlvr_holo_hacking_spawn_target, for this tutorial, to puzzle_target. Set the info_hlvr_holo_hacking_plug Puzzle Spawn Target to puzzle_target. Set the Difficulty Name to either First, Easy, Medium, Hard, or VeryHard.

HLA SDK Holo Hacking Puzzle Img1.png

Puzzle Types

Image Name
HLA SDK Holo Hacking Puzzle Img2.png Sphere Trace
HLA SDK Holo Hacking Puzzle Img3.png Point Search
HLA SDK Holo Hacking Puzzle Img4.png Point Match
HLA SDK Holo Hacking Puzzle Img5.png Point Drag


Add an output to info_hlvr_holo_hacking_plug with any of the following My Output:

  • OnHackStarted
  • OnHackStopped
  • OnHackSuccess
  • OnHackFailed
  • OnHackSuccessAnimationComplete
  • OnPuzzleCompleted
  • OnPuzzleSuccess
  • OnPuzzleFailed

Finishing up

Compile and run your map, and you should have a working Holo Hacking Puzzle.

You can download the example map here [[1]].