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HLA SDK Doors Img1.png

插入一个 prop_static实体,对于这篇教程,选择 models/architecture/doors_1/door_frame_basic_001.vmdl 这个模型。

HLA SDK Doors Img2.png


HLA SDK Doors Img3.png

插入一个 prop_door_rotating_physics实体,在这个教程中,我们将会选择 models/architecture/doors_1/door_1a_40_92.vmdl 模型。

HLA SDK Doors Img4.png

把网格大小调至2格并将门与门框对齐。 为了真实性,将属性 Open Direction(打开朝向)调到 Open Forward Only(只向前开)或 Open Backward Only(只向后开) ,因为在现实生活中门不能双向打开。

HLA SDK Doors Img5.png



您可在此下载示例地图 [[1]].

HLA SDK Doors Img6.png


When you subdivide faces later on in development, (For example, if you want to use a texture that supports Blend Painting,) if faces were cut without being extracted first, you'll notice that the textures will be warped slightly. This is caused by extra vertices added to the affected face during cutting, turning it from a quad with four vertices to an n-gon that has five or more. You can fix this by deleting the extra vertices.

An example of faces with subdivision, with correct subdivision on the left, vs broken on the right. Note how the face with broken subdivision has a slightly warped texture.

Select the face with broken subdivisions and extract it from the room (Either with the 'Extract Faces' button on the sidebar or by pressing Alt+N,) then do Ctrl+H to hide everything but the selected face.

HLA SDK Doors Subdivision Img2.png

Then, in the Vertices selection mode select and delete any vertices that aren't on the four corners.

HLA SDK Doors Subdivision Img3.png

Press U to unhide the rest of the room. In the Meshes selection mode select both the newly fixed face and the room with Shift+Left-click, then press M (Or click on the 'Merge Meshes' button on the sidebar to the left.)

HLA SDK Doors Subdivision Img4.png

Repeat the process with any other affected faces, and your textures should be aligned properly again.

HLA SDK Doors Subdivision Img5.png