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This tutorial will teach you how to add a Barnacle to the game.


Create a test room. Insert a npc_barnacle (hlvr) entity and translate it's origin to the ceiling of the room. Switch the grid size to 1 unit and translate the entity in the Z axis 1 unit down. For some reason, the model origin is 1 unit below it's top face, so, if you don't translate it down, it will crop part of the model.

Note.png Note: The tongue appears to be "cast" out from the origin of the entity. Geometry intersecting the barnacle may prevent it from deploying its tongue.

HLA SDK Barnacle Img1.png

Finishing up

Compile and run your map, and you should have a working Barnacle, with sounds and AI.

You can download the example map here [[1]].

HLA SDK Barnacle Img2.png