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The Half-Life Dedicated Server Update Tool or HLDSUpdateTool is a tool to update GoldSrc and Source dedicated servers. Note that many server downloads now use the newer SteamPipe content system, and so the older HLDSUpdateTool will provide an out-of-date server. In this case, use SteamCMD instead.

Setting up

Downloading and running the server

Run the update tool with -command update -game <game>. Optionally, add -dir <path> to download to a custom location.

Here are some game names:

dmc - Deathmatch: Classic
gearbox - Opposing Force
ricochet - Ricochet
tfc - Team Fortress Classic
valve - Half-Life Deathmatch

Third-party Game Content

redorchestra - Red Orchestra
ship - The Ship
sin - Sin Episodes
darkmessiah - Dark Messiah
garrysmod - Garry's Mod

Warning.png Warning: The HLDS Update Tool does not provide Lost Coast, even though SDK Base does. Multiplayer mods should either not use anything from Lost Coast, or include what they do use in their dedicated server download.

To run the game, see either the Half-Life Dedicated Server or Source Dedicated Server page for more information.