Gunman Chronicles

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It's high noon in deep space.

Gunman Chronicles is a retail mod created by the now defunct Rewolf Software. Gunman Chronicles was orignally a Quake mod named Gunmanship 101, then a Quake II mod before becoming a Half-Life mod. At a mod expo in 1999, Gunman Chronicles stole the show and Sierra approached Rewolf to make a retail version. After significant work, Rewolf was given some office space, funding and a mapper (Jeff Lane) by Valve Software to help complete the project.

No patches were ever released for the game, though further development of multiplayer continued sometime after release.

Gunman Chronicles is not available on Steam in spite of the fact that Valve Software owns the rights to it.


  • The company names Rewolf is a reversal of creator Herb Flower's surname.
  • The demo was created by Maverick Developments.

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