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This mod for Source is no longer being developed.

Subject: Morris Gordon

Gordon, Morris

Status: Alive He's a GhostHaunter, a person that hunts and haunts ghosts. Subject has been sighted walking in a graveyard.


GhostHaunt will be a mod for Half Life 2, in which the player will have to either fight off ghosts or work with them. Maybe even a bit of both. The game will start with Ghost-hunter Morris Gordon in his secure ghost-proof base, who then recieves word from a police officer that a poltergeist attack has killed several people in a house across the road. What next? Grab your trusty crowbar and head out to kill those horrors.


GhostHaunt will not have the same gameplay as most first person shooters, but it will be fun. Well... fun if you like nightmares.


Just me, Kausill. + you VDC, you're awesome.


Well, when I figure out the whole "Cannot load library client" thing I'll surely put some up!


Didn't work, bad concept, no script. But you can check out my latest: Development (Mod).