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This is a list of external modding related sites that do not quite fit into any specific category.

  • VERC - Valve Editing Resource Collective. This site's predecessor, which offers primarily HL1 resources (Official)
  • Official Source SDK Forums and the now-defunct VERC Network Forums
  • Game Design Theory - Interesting for art directors, team leaders
  • - Some helpful modding and mapping tutorials.
  • Tutorial Database - A list of almost every Half-Life 2 modding tutorial out there.
  • - Half Life 2 Knowledge Base
  • - News and general resources
  • Mapcore - A great place to get mapping, modelling and texture help from industry pros.
  • Mod Database - Free listings of mods for almost every moddable game. A great database full of tons of information on mods that are out there.
  • - A developing modding community.
  • Mod HQ - Comprehensive news resource for Half-Life 2 modifications and Steam related content in general. Valve visits it. Why not you?
  • Nem's Tools - Several useful Source tools including GCFScape
  • PixelGames - File reviews and downloads, real friendly editing site based on community!
  • Sourceblog - General tutorials (Many on Texturing/Skinning)
  • Source Engine Developer Forums
  • SourceWiki Forums - (Main site now closed)
  • Wavelength - One of the original sources of HL1 editing material, now steadily servicing HL2
  • - Several useful Source tools including VTFTool