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Entity Description

Game text.png
An entity that displays text on players' screens. This text can be defined directly in the Hammer editor (unlike the similar env_message entity). This entity is suitable for stand alone bsp maps, if they are not to be localized.

Warning: Don't use quotation characters (") in the Text Message field (not even \" characters). It will cause fatal errors with opening and/or compiling your map and may need to be fixed by manually editing the VMF in a text editor. Instead, use use detailed quotes (i.e. and ).


<string> Message to display onscreen. \n signifies a new line in the text.
  • icon
<string> Hud icon (from mod_textures.res) to display.
  • display_to_team
<choices> Audience
Literal Value Description
0 Everyone
2 Red Team Only
3 Blue Team Only
  • background
<choices> Background Panel Color
Literal Value Description
0 Grey
2 Red
3 Blue


Display the message text.