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These are answers to questions I've recently received in email.

1) When will Ragdoll Kungfu ship?

After DoD: Source ships. Doug Lombardi is sending out a press release with the date later this week once the last fiddly bits have been, uh, fiddled.

2) Will DoD: Source and Aftermath have HDR?


3) Where can I find out more about Ragdoll Kung Fu?

Ragdoll Kung Fu website

4) Will there be a Ragdoll Kung Fu demo?

Not before we ship.

5) What kind of PC do you have?

Gabe Newell's PC

6) Gee, you have a lot of NVIDIA stuff in your PC.


7) How can I get a job in the games business?

The best thing you can do to both develop the skills you will need and also come to the attention of game developers is to work on a MOD. About half of Valve comes out of the MOD community, and more and more game companies are recruiting out of MOD teams.

8) What about the game schools like Digipen, the Guildhall, Full Sail, ...?

Digipen is here in the Seattle area so we have the most experience with them. I think there are 8 former Digipen students working at Valve right now, and we haven't fired any of them, so... Joking aside, Digipen seems to have prepared them quite well for working here.

I gave a commencement address at the Guildhall, but we haven't hired anyone from there. The program is different from Digipen's (just look at the curriculum at both schools), and a lot of Dallas game developers (e.g. Graham Devine, Richard Gray, ...) are part of the faculty.

I have no experience or direct knowledge of Full Sail.

Overall I think these are fine choices, especially if you are simultaneously part of a MOD team, as that will go a long way towards focusing your studies.