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Entity Description

A Half-Life 2 ladder. Handles player auto mount/unmount, as well as +use to get onto the ladder.

Note:This entity is non-functional in Counter-Strike: Source. Use func_ladder instead.


Template:In game Template:Game-base (except CS:S; see note above) In code it is represented by class [1], defined in [2].


<vector> Ladder end point.
  • point1
<vector> Ladder end point.
  • StartDisabled
<choices> Start Disabled.
Literal value Description
0 No
1 Yes


  • 1 : Fake Ladder


Enable this ladder.
  • Disable
Disable this ladder.


Fired whenever a player gets on this ladder.
  • OnPlayerGotOffLadder
Fired whenever a player gets off this ladder.

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