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Entity Description

A brush entity that can be broken from damage, or an input.


This brush-based entity is available in:

all Source games. In code it is represented by class [1], defined in [2].


<integer> The prop will ignore any damage events if the damage is less than this amount.
  • _minlight
<string> The minimum level of ambient light that hits this brush.
  • physdamagescale
<float> Scales damage energy when this object is hit by a physics object. NOTE: 0 means this feature is disabled for backwards compatibility.\nSet to 1.0 for materials as strong as flesh, smaller numbers indicate stronger materials.


  • Breakable (brush):
  • 1: Only Break on Trigger
  • 2: Break on Touch
  • 4: Break on Pressure
  • 512: Break immediately on Physics
  • 1024: Don't take physics damage
  • 2048: Don't allow bullet penetration


  • Breakable (brush):
SetMass  <float>
Damaging the entity applies physics forces to it.


Breaks the breakable.
SetHealth  <integer>
Sets a new value for the breakable's health. If the breakable's health reaches zero it will break.
AddHealth  <integer>
Adds health to the breakable.
RemoveHealth  <integer>
Removes health from the breakable.


Breakable (common):

Fired when this object breaks. !activator is whatever breaks the object.
OnHealthChanged  <float>
Fired whenever the health of the breakable has increased or decreased. This output automatically puts the new health amount as a decimal percent (e.g. 45% = 0.45) into the parameter box for inputs, if the mapper does not override the parameter with something else.