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SteamUI / FriendsUI beta refresh Feb 01 3pm PST


  • fixed right-clicking to bring up a context menu not working if the context menu was already open, in the friends and games lists
  • changed it so any unanswered friendship requests in the game show outside the game after the user quits
  • changed the saved config name of the friends dialog and added a default position, to solve some users having old super-large saved dialog settings for friends
  • fixed missing word in Friends 're-login' string
  • fixed issues selecting text in chat dialog; off-by-one selection overdraw, indent-ignoring hit detection and unicode-mangling
  • changed double-clicking on a section header in the games list / friends list to collapse/expand the section
  • fixed 'paste' context menu item in vgui::TextEntry not deleting selected text before inserting clipboard contents
  • fixed case where menus wouldn't immediately resize if menu items were hidden
  • fixed missing newline after '%friend% is playing %game%' chat message
  • made chat window flash in taskbar more than once after receiving a chat message
  • fixed case where URL's in the chat dialog wouldn't be clickable
  • changed text input in the chat dialog to be capped at the max network size (255 bytes, will be upped at some point)
  • changed friends name input in friends->option->edit profile to allow a max of 127 characters for the player name
  • fixed crash in localized string construction due to an off-by-one error in it's string manipulation code, yielded a crash on entering a long friends name
  • fixed chat dialogs stealing focus when receiving a new message


  • changed Steam when on system startup, to not show the retry connection dialog immediately, but to wait 20 seconds and then retry - this is to give systems with networking that takes a while to start a chance to
  • fixed regression where launching a game would delete it's launch options