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=Texture packs=
==[http://www.planetquake.com/berneyboy/textures.htm PhotoRealistic Texture Pack]==
*Theme: Generic Urban/Terrain
*Count: 2051
*Seamless: Yes
*Resolution: various; usually powers of two; not always square
*Format: JPG, TGA
*Total size: 124 MB
==[http://www.planetquake.com/berneyboy/textures.htm LetGo Textures Pack]==
*Theme: Lego
==[http://www.davegh.com/blade/davegh.htm David Gurrea]==
*Theme: Urban/Terrain/Misc<br />
*Count: approximately 100
*Seamless: yes
*Resolution: various
*Format: JPG
*Total size: individual files only
*Limitations: May not be used in commercial videogame projects, no redistribution, others. See website for details.
==[http://www.grsites.com/textures/ Absolute Background Textures Archive]==
*Theme: "Cheap 'n' Cheerful Low-res Crap"
==[http://www.mayang.com/textures/ Mayang's Free Textures]==
*Theme: Generic
*Count: 2300
*Seamless: No
*Resolution: 2048 by 1536 pixels or 1536 by 2048
*Format: JPG
*Total size: individual files only (limit 30, or purchase)
==[http://www.imageafter.com/textures.php ImageAfter Textures]==
*Theme: Generic
==[http://textures.forrest.cz/ Texture Forrest]==
*Theme: Generic
*Count: 857
*Seamless: no
*Resolution: 640 by 480 px
*Format: JPG
*Total size: individual download only
==[http://lemog.free.fr/lemog_v5/index.php Lemog's Maya Textures]==
*Theme: Architecture/Nature/Misc
*Count: approximately 2000
*Seamless: Mostly
*Resolution: 512 by 512 pixels
*Format: JPG
*Total size: individual download only
==[http://www.limefly.net/html/modules.php?name=coppermine&cat=6 Limefly Texture Gallery]==
*Theme: Ground/Building/Misc
*Count: unknown
*Seamless: Yes
*Resolution: various powers of two, square (eg, 128 by 128, 512 by 512, etc)
*Format: JPG and PNG, and probably PSD by request
*Total size: individual files only?
=See also=
[[Creating Materials]]
[[Category:Level Design]][[Category:Material System]]

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