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This MP mod for Half-Life 2 is no longer being developed. Download its last release here.

Half-Life 2 Forsaken was a post-viral urban warfare mod for Half-life 2, in which players were to take on the role of a team member of one of three surviving factions. Players would suit up as the tactical but brutally efficient Governors, the resourceful and stealthy Civilian resistance, or the zealous and carnage driven Religious cult.

Source code release

Forsaken's development ceased after the development team split apart, but its source code was later released. Please note that the team have not granted automatic permission to use its assets in your own project.


Governor Soldier

The objective-based team play was all about the control of territories (maps) and the resources in those territories. At the start of a "war" each faction was to have a certain amount of resources. They can capture more resources by raiding various capture points on a map.

These resources consisted of food and weapons supplies. Every round was a day in Forsaken and each day required players to eat and use up 1 food resource for each member in your faction. Teams captured more food supplies and steal from other factions in order to keep from starving to death.

Hoarding weapon supplies allowed them to save up for bigger guns, upgrades, and other special equipment. Weapon supplies are shared resources and they would have worked together as a faction to know when and where to use them most effectively.

The winner of the "war" would have been the faction that controlled all the territory on the server, or starves the other factions of their resources. All 3 factions play at once over a series of barren cityscapes, fighting for control of this post-apocalyptic world, and ultimately for their survival.

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