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This is a Cooperative mod of the award winning game Half-Life 2. This mod provides multiple game modes to suit players of all ability levels and styles of play.

A demo version was released with a small taster of the action. The demo contains the canals chapters of the single player game available for play in smooth Follow Freeman coop.

The next big release will offer over 70 maps and tons of new features.

A forum has now been setup to support the community that is growing around Follow Freeman. So if you are interested in co-op gaming and want to contribute or share your thoughts and get the latest development reports, you are welcome to join in.


  • Elimination Mode
    • if you die, you have to spectate
  • Extra life credits
    • kill enemy monsters to gain an extra life
  • Multiplayer vehicle system
    • each player is give their own vehicle which respawns with the player
  • Multiplayer Save/Restore
    • take your weapons and health to the next level
  • Multiplayer Ready-room
    • pick which level to start from
  • NPC actions
    • allows all players to interact with an NPC

Game modes

  • Follow Freeman Cooperative
  • Follow Freeman racing
  • Combine Assassin
  • Championship Mode

Note: Not all features and game-modes are available in the Demo version.


Coming soon...


Coming soon...

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