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{{prod|This article has been merged into [[General SDK Fixes]].}}
{{prod|This article has been merged into [[General SDK Fixes]].}}
== Fixing the blinking bug ==
In source sdk2013 blinking has been broken for a while. Fixing this is as easy as removing a single line of code.
Go to "'''c_baseflex.cpp'''" to the following line
<source lang=cpp>
void C_BaseFlex::SetupWeights( const matrix3x4_t *pBoneToWorld, int nFlexWeightCount, float *pFlexWeights, float *pFlexDelayedWeights )
And remove the following line
<source lang=cpp>
m_iBlink = AddGlobalFlexController( "UH" );
Congratulations! You have successfully fixed npc blinking it was as easy as that

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