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<Half-Life 2> Firearms: Source is a team-based military shooter. Players chose from over 24 modern weapons ranging from the Colt M1911 and Uzi to the M60 machinegun and M79 grenade launcher. Equipment is selected through Firearms' unique Credit system. Upon entering a server, players are granted 30 credits and can then spend those credits on any combination of firepower and body armor they choose, without restriction. Firearms: Source plans to continue adding weapons with each major release.


  • Over two-dozen modern-era firearms and explosives
  • Unique credit-based equipment system that allows weapon acquisition without usual class-based limitations
  • Skill system that allows players to specialize in one role, or to be semi-proficient in several
  • Push (PS), Search and Destroy (SD), and Territorial Control (TC) gameplay modes
  • Fast-paced, in-your-face, continuous flow of action
  • Instant respawns, with respawns based on team reinforcements
  • Open-ended entity scoring system allows for unique 3rd party maps with unique gameplay types
  • Claymore Anti-personnel mine, with both tripwire and manual-detonation mode
  • Fire modes for each weapon, such as semi, burst and fully automatic
  • M18 smoke grenades for concealing friendly team movement
  • Overhead tactical map for quick location of friendly teammates and selection of artillery targets


Firearms: Source Maps


Firearms: Source was started in 2006. It is currently in private alpha testing.


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