FireSoft Half-Life MDL Converter

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FireSoft Half-Life MDL Converter (FMC) is a semi-automatic converter to convert a model made for the Source Engine to a format understandable for the GoldSRC Engine.

The model should be put in the folder modelsrc\models.

Run mdldecompiler.exe and decompile the model.

Then start compiler.bat and if you're lucky you get a model ready for use in the GoldSRC Engine.

One of the features of this compiler is that it can compile a model even if it has no texture. If necessary, it makes one.


Fixed compilation ragdoll and animations with simple parameters.

Fixed bug with attached sometimes arises because of defects decompilation.

Optimised code handler textures.

Fixed a bug with the size of textures.


  • FMC 0.7b - Download mirror for the latest version.