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<Team Fortress 2> filter_tf_bot_has_tag is a point entity available in Team Fortress 2.

Entity description

A filter that only allows bots with certain tags to activate.

Likely used in Man versus Machine maps to trigger the round end for the flag carriers.



Filter mode (Negated) <boolean>
Inverts the filter, making the specified criteria fail and all others pass.
Tags <string>
a (space separated?) set of tags a bot needs to activate this filter. Only one is required unless Require All Flags is set.
Require All Flags <boolean>
Should all flags be required?



Tests the entity that called the input (the !activator) against the filter, and fires either the OnPass or OnFail output.
Bug.png Bug: Calling this input will cause the server to crash if the !activator entity no longer exists. Do not use this input to test any entities which may be asynchronously deleted, such as players or projectiles, or in an i/o chain which might be initiated by entity deletion, such as the OnEndTouch output of a trigger.



One of these will fire when TestActivator input is sent, depending on if the activator is allowed by the filter or not.