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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Damage_type]]
* [[Damage_type]]
* [[Filters|List of all Filter Entities]]

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filter_damage_type is a point entity available in all Source games. It is a damage filter that filters by the type of damage inflicted. This can only be used as a damage filter, not as an activator filter.

Bug.png Bug: This entity does not work in Team Fortress 2.


Damage type <choices>
The damage type to filter by. If the filter mode is Allow, only damage types that match will pass the filter. If the filter mode is Disallow, all damage types EXCEPT those who match will pass the filter.
  • 0: GENERIC
  • 1: CRUSH
  • 2: BULLET
  • 4: SLASH
  • 8: BURN
  • 16: VEHICLE
  • 16: TRAIN <Team Fortress 2>
  • 32: FALL
  • 64: BLAST
  • 128: CLUB
  • 256: SHOCK
  • 512: SONIC
  • 1024: ENERGYBEAM
  • 16384: DROWN
  • 32768: PARALYSE
  • 65536: NERVEGAS
  • 65536: SAWBLADE <Team Fortress 2>
  • 131072: POISON
  • 262144: RADIATION
  • 524288: DROWNRECOVER
  • 1048576: ACID
  • 1048576: CRITICAL <Team Fortress 2>
  • 2097152: SLOWBURN
Note.png Note: Some damage types are named incorrectly by default in base.fgd, instead using their GoldSource names.
  • VEHICLE is named FREEZE
  • ACID is named CHEMICAL


Filter mode (Negated) <boolean>
Inverts the filter, making the specified criteria fail and all others pass.



Tests the entity that called the input (the !activator) against the filter, and fires either the OnPass or OnFail output.
Bug.png Bug: Calling this input will cause the server to crash if the !activator entity no longer exists. Do not use this input to test any entities which may be asynchronously deleted, such as players or projectiles, or in an i/o chain which might be initiated by entity deletion, such as the OnEndTouch output of a trigger.



One of these will fire when TestActivator input is sent, depending on if the activator is allowed by the filter or not.


See also