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Revision as of 02:30, 17 December 2005 by Sodabus (talk | contribs) (Half-US/half-British flag?)

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This should be an American flag.

British flag is international convention for English. They did invent the language, y'know. --Charron 18:52, 15 Dec 2005 (PST)
Origin of English

No! well! we're american....anyways if this is put here, people will think it's okay to talk with "Colour" and "Favourite"—ts2do (Talk | @) 19:07, 15 Dec 2005 (PST)

LOL --wisemx 19:16, 15 Dec 2005 (PST)
Ahem - some of us definitely aren't American! (Hmmm... When should I release my as-yet hypothetical en_GB auto-translation bot?) ;-) —Cargo Cult (info, talk) 07:13, 16 Dec 2005 (PST)
I think there's other countries on Earth that aren't the United States, but I'll have to read up on that.
Seriously, if you weren't kidding about the whole "American flag" bit, perhaps you (or someone else) can upload an image of a half-US/half-British flag? Other than my strong bias of being an American citizen, I think it would be odd to leave out the US. The original SDK docs were written in US English, Valve is a corporation located in the US, and I'm pretty sure that a significant amount of people who read this site come from the US. -- Sodabus 18:30, 16 Dec 2005 (PST)