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Hl2px16.gifEvolution is a multiplayer modification for Half Life 2. It features at least 10 new levels, new weapons, 7 game modes, both old and new, and the ability to customize your character's abilities during the matches in order to tune your powers to different situations. -Taken directly from the FAQ.


  • 5 sets of abilities that can be leveled up and changed throughout a match in real-time
    • Agility - jump higher, perform backflips, wall jump, dual weilding weapons, and ultimately the ability to fly
    • Mental Strength - more points (Mental Capacity) to use other abilities, some abilities last longer, Mental Capacity regeneration, and telekinesis
    • Physical Endurance - take more damage, regenerate health, additional armor capabilities, and creation of impenetrable force fields
    • Physical Strength - deal more damage, charge weapons, hit harder, and eventually shoot energy from the hands
    • Speed - run/reload/strike/move/everything faster, eventually leads to teleportation abilities
  • New weapons designed around balancing the new abilities listed above
  • New game modes using these abilities and weapons
  • New maps to house these new game modes


This mod started as a basic idea back in 2003 and has grown to a full-fledged concept. Throughout the years, we have seen people come and go, which has stunted progress on the modification a great deal. It took about a full year, until the summer of 2004, for the concept for this modification to become solid. At that point, new members joined up, a new website was launched, and things were looking good. Eventually, a lot of the new members went onto better things, realising that their time would not be able to be spent on developing a modification of this size. So, Evolution is now on the lookout for ambitious people to add to this history, eventually pushing this mod to a releasable state for all to enjoy.


  • Lord Neptune - Team Leader and Lead Designer. Also delves into programming, level design, web design, and public relations.
  • 2 Level Designers active, 1 MIA
  • 1 Conceptual artist active, somewhat MIA
  • 0 Programmers... all of those left...
  • 2 Prospective 3D artists
  • 1 Sound Designer
  • 1 Animator
  • 1 Texture Artist, MIA at the moment

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