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Entity description

Creates a sprite in the world. Sprites always face the player, unless they are restricted to rotating on certain axes as specified in the VTF compile parameters. This entity should be treated as an "override" for certain sprite effects, as more specific controls already exist for fire, steam, or light glows.

The only render modes that render sprite transparency are Glow, Additive, Additive Fractional Frame and World Space Glow.


<float> Rate at which the sprite should animate, if at all.
  • model
<sprite> Material of the sprite to be drawn.
Note:When choosing a sprite from the sprite browser, the name it provides does not contain the required .spr/.vmt file extension. While the sprite preview can find the sprite, the extension needs to be typed in by hand for the engine to be able to find the sprite in-game.
  • scale
<float> Scale multiplier of the sprite.
Note:The sprite preview doesn't display sprites at the right scale. The sprite preview scale is preset to 0.25, while sprite scale in-game is preset to 1. To correct the preview scale, set this keyvalue (to any value).
  • GlowProxySize
<float> Size of the glow to be rendered for visibility testing. Must be larger than the distance from the sprite center to empty space. So if this glow is inside geometry (like a light bulb), set this value to be bigger than the bulb's radius. Any time a sphere of this radius would be visible (poking through any nearby geometry), the glow will be rendered.


  • 1 : Start on
  • 2 : Play Once


Set the scale.
  • HideSprite
Hide the sprite. Won't be drawn until the 'ShowSprite' input is received.
  • ShowSprite
Show the sprite.
  • ToggleSprite
Toggle the sprite between hidden and shown.
Change red coloration
Change green coloration
Change blue coloration