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Entity Description

Env physexplosion.png

Env_physexplosion applies a physical force to physics objects within its radius, anything from a gentle nudge to a big explosion, depending on its magnitude. The explosion itself is not visible; for visible explosions, use env_explosion.

If the No Damage - Only Force flag isn't set, the object will also take damage from the explosion. (Damage is applied to the object only - the explosion will never directly damage the player.)

env_physexplosions set to emit a fairly low force can be useful to get lights swinging or floating debris moving.


This point-based entity is available in:

all Source games. In code it is represented by class CPhysExplosion, defined in physobj.cpp.


<float> Amount of physics force applied by the explosion.
Note:The magnitude value is clamped between 1 and 100. If you require a bigger explosion than this, create multiple instances of the entity.
  • radius
<float> Clamp radius (0 = auto) If specified, the radius in which the explosion damages entities. If unspecified, the radius will be based on the magnitude.
  • targetentityname
<target_destination> If specified, the explosion will only affect the matching entity.
<float> If not zero, the LOS is calculated from a point intersecting this sphere.


  • 1 : No Damage - Only Force
Don't make the object take damage from the explosion.


Trigger the explosion.


Fires when the player is pushed by the explosion.