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Records sound from a location for either playback or monitoring.


  • Measure target: The location from where sound levels are to be monitored. If blank, the env_microphone's own position will be used.
  • Speaker: The entity from which recorded sounds will come. If this is not set, the microphone will monitor sound levels instead. Cannot be an env_speaker!
  • Listen Filter: The microphone will only hear sounds coming from the entites covered by this filter entity. Must be filter_activator_class, filter_activator_name, or filter_multi.
  • Speaker DSP Preset: Adds Digital Sound Processing to this microphone's recordings:
    • Use Default: Adds basic the speaker DSP effect. This decreases the playback's quality as a cheap microphone/speaker setup might.
    • 1 NO EFFECT: Sounds are played back at the exact quality they are recorded
    • 2-5 (DUPLICATE OF 1): Obsolete?
    • 6 SPEAKER, LOUDER: The basic speaker DSP, plus extra volume
    • 7 SPEAKER VERY SMALL: Simulates a very small speaker
    • 8 LOUDSPEAKER, ECHO: Forcibly adds echo to the playback
    • 9 SPEAKER SMALL: A weaker version of 7
    • 10 SPEAKER TINY: A stronger version of 7
  • Sensitivity (0-10): If the speaker is being used to monitor sound levels, this keyvalue dictates its sensitivity.
    • 0: deaf
    • 1: normal
    • 2-10: increasing sensitivity
  • Smoothing (0-1): Smooths the microphone's readout if it is being used to monitor.
  • Maximum hearing range (0-infinite): How far away the microphone should record sounds from.


  • SetSpeakerName: Alter the output speaker for this microphone.


  • SoundLevel: Fires if the sound level of an area changes when the microphone is in measuring mode.
  • OnRoutedSound: Fires when a sound is routed through the microphone's speaker.
  • OnHeardSound: Fires when the microphone hears any sound it cares about, regardless of how it is handled.