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Entity Description

Entity Name: env_lightglow

An entity that puts an additive glow in the world, mostly used over light sources.


  • rendercolor
<color255> Glow Color
  • VerticalGlowSize
<integer> Vertical Size
  • HorizontalGlowSize
<integer> Horizontal Size
  • MinDist
<integer> The distance at which this effect will be fully translucent.
  • MaxDist
<integer> The distance at which this effect will be at full intensity.
  • OuterMaxDist
<integer> If larger than the maximum distance, this is the length at which the glow will fade completely out, between the span of the maximum distance and this length.
  • GlowProxySize
<float> Size of the glow to be rendered for visibility testing. Must be larger than the distance from the sprite center to empty space. So if this glow is inside geometry (like a light bulb), set this value to be bigger than the bulb's radius. Any time a sphere of this radius would be visible (poking through any nearby geometry), the glow will be rendered.


  • 1 : Visible only from front