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Entity Description

Fires a tracer with customization


  • target
<target_destination> Shoot at this target. REMEMBER - this is an effect only! It does not do damage!
  • minburstsize
<integer> Minimum number of rounds in a burst.
  • maxburstsize
<integer> Maximum number of rounds in a burst.
  • minburstdelay
<float> Minimum delay between bursts. (seconds)
  • maxburstdelay
<float> Maximum delay between bursts. (seconds)
  • rateoffire
<float> Expressed as rounds per second
  • spread
<integer> The 'cone of inaccuracy' of the shots fired by this entity. Expressed as degrees
  • bias
<choices> How to distribute bullets within the spread. Even distribution is a true scatter throughout the spread. Biased towards the outside makes the shots 'miss' the target by tending towards the outside of the spread.
Literal Value Description
1 Evenly distributed
-1 Biased towards the outside
  • collisions
<boolean> Whether or not to handle bullet collision detection. NOTE: If not set, this entity will be very cheap to use, but all bullets will stop short at their target's position in space and there will be no impact effects. Normal collision detection does the same things NPCs do when they fire their guns (except harm anything).
  • shootsound
<string/choices> Gunfire sound to make
Literal Value Description
Weapon_AR2.NPC_Single AR2
Weapon_SMG1.NPC_Single SMG1
  • tracertype
<choices> Type of tracer to display
If not set, the default tracer will fire
Literal value Description