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Entity Description

The env_fog_controller entity controls fogging in a level. This has both aesthetic and functional purpose. Functionally, by adding fog to a level, you can hide a far clip plane, and reduce the amount of rendered geometry, improving game performance.


  • fogcolor2
  • fogdir
<vector> A vector that determines the directions of the primary and secondary fog, relative to the env_fog_controller entity.
  • fogstart
<float> How far from the point-of-view the fog should start.
  • fogend
<float> How far from the point-of-view the view should be completely fogged.
  • farz
<integer> This is the distance from the point-of-view that the level geometry should stop being drawn at. This can be used to control engine performance.
  • fogenable
  • mindxlevel
  • maxdxlevel
  • fogblend
<boolean> This will enable blending between two fog colors, based on the direction the player is looking. It approximates the aesthetic effect of diffuse light filtering through the fog.
  • useangles

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