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Env_fire поверх кучи мусора

Warning: Display title "env_fire" overrides earlier display title "Env fire".env_fire is a point entity available in all Source games.

Описание сущности

Env fire.png

Он обрабатывает одно пламя на origin. Пламя вызывает тепло 'повреждение' других объектов env_fire вокруг него и, в конце концов, воспламеняет невоспламеняющиеся объекты рядом с env_fire, в результате чего огонь распространяется.

Note.png Note: Этот объект не создает эффект освещения любого типа, для этого вам нужно использовать мерцающий light.
Note.png Note: Огонь может упасть сквозь мир, если его разместить точно на уровне земли. Поместите его немного над землей, чтобы исправить это.
Bug.png Bug: Этот объект не работает в Portal. Дополнительную информацию см. В Portal: Env_Fire_fix.
Bug.png Bug: Пока он доступен, он в настоящее время не работает правильно Team Fortress 2.
Bug.png Bug: While still available, it does not currently work correctly in your Source 2007 based mod until you build(/rebuild) the project.

Ключевые значения

Duration <integer>
Время, в течение которого огонь будет гореть.
Size <integer>
Высота (в мировых единицах) пламени.
Attack <integer>
Количество времени, за которое огонь должен вырасти до полной силы.
Type <choices>
Либо натуральный, либо плазменный. Естественное - это общее пламя цели, как древесный огонь.
  • 0 : Natural
  • 1 : Plasma
Ignition Point <float>
Количество урона которое должен быть нанесен перед тем как объект загорится.
Damage Scale <float>
Множитель повреждения от ожога, нанесенного пламенем.


Name (targetname) <string>
The targetname that other entities refer to this entity by.
Entity Scripts (vscripts) <scriptlist> (in all games since <Left 4 Dead 2>)
Space delimited list of VScript files (without file extension) that are executed after all entities have spawned. The scripts are all executed in the same script scope, later ones overwriting any identical variables and functions.
Script think function (thinkfunction) <string> (in all games since <Left 4 Dead 2>)
Name of a function in this entity's script which will be called automatically every 100 milliseconds (ten times a second) for the duration of the script. It can be used to create timers or to simulate autonomous behavior. The return value (if present) will set the time until the next call.
Note.png Note: Try to avoid expensive operations in this function, as it may cause performance problems.


Parent (parentname) <targetname>
Specifies a movement parent. An entity will maintain its initial offset from its parent. An attachment point can be added to the end of the name, separated by a comma.


Start Disabled (StartDisabled) <boolean>
Stay dormant until activated (with theEnableinput).


  • 1 : Infinite Duration(Бесконечная продолжительность)
  • 2 : Smokeless(бездымный)
  • 4 : Start On(Начать)
  • 8 : Start Full(Начать полностью разрогевшимся)
  • 16 : Don't drop(Не падает)
  • 32 : No glow(не светится)
  • 128 : Delete when out(Удалить, когда)
  • 256 : Visible from above(Видимый сверху)
Note.png Note: В Alien Swarm, объект env_fire не может быть потушен игроком, если не установлен "Infinite Duration".


Начать огонь.
Extinguish <float>
Постоянно отключает огонь в количестве секунд.
ExtinguishTemporary <float>
Временно отключает огонь в количестве секунд.


Removes this entity from the world.
Removes this entity and its children from the world.
Note.png Note: Entities already remove orphaned children upon being removed, but this input removes all children on the same frame, being marginally faster than Kill.
AddOutput <string>
Adds a keyvalue/output to this entity. It can be potentially very dangerous, use with care.
KV Format: <key> <value>
I/O Format: <output name> <targetname>:<inputname>:<parameter>:<delay>:<max times to fire, -1 means infinite>
FireUser1 to FireUser4
Fire the OnUser outputs; see User Inputs and Outputs.
Use  !FGD
Same as a player invoking +use; may not do anything depending on the entity. Can also be invoked by firing an output that does not specify an input.
RunScriptFile <script> (in all games since <Left 4 Dead 2>)
Execute a VScript file from disk, without file extension. The script contents are merged with the script scope of the receiving entity.
RunScriptCode <string> (in all games since <Left 4 Dead 2>)
Execute a string of VScript source code in the scope of the entity receiving the input. String quotation may be needed when fired via console.
Bug.png Bug: In <Left 4 Dead 2>, the code is executed in the script scope of the entity that fires the output, not the one receiving the input.
Warning.png Warning: Never try to pass string parameters to a script function with this input. It will corrupt the VMF structure because of the nested quotation marks, which then must be removed manually with a text editor.
CallScriptFunction <string> (in all games since <Left 4 Dead 2>) !FGD
Execute a VScript function in the scope of the receiving entity.
SetLocalOrigin <coordinates> (in all games since <Alien Swarm>) !FGD
Send this entity to a spot in the map. If the entity is parented to something, it will be offset from the parent by this amount.
SetLocalAngles <angles> (in all games since <Alien Swarm>) !FGD
Set this entity's angles.


SetParent <string>
Move with this entity. See Entity Hierarchy (parenting).
SetParentAttachment <string>
Change this entity to attach to a specific attachment point on its parent. The entity will teleport so that the position of its root bone matches that of the attachment. Entities must be parented before being sent this input.
SetParentAttachmentMaintainOffset <string>
As above, but without teleporting. The entity retains its position relative to the attachment at the time of the input being received.
Removes this entity from the the movement hierarchy, leaving it free to move independently.


Enable/disable this entity from performing its task. It might also disappear from view.


Пожары(урон?), когда огонь сначала воспламеняется.
Пожары(урон?), когда огонь полностью гаснет.


OnUser1 to OnUser4
These outputs each fire in response to the firing of the like-numbered FireUser1 to FireUser4 Input; see User Inputs and Outputs.
OnKilled  (only in <Left 4 Dead> <Left 4 Dead 2>)
This output fires when the entity is killed and removed from the game.