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These enumerations pertain only to Response System scripting and is not meant for use anywhere else:

Enumeration declares an enumerated type so that comparisons can be matched against the string versions of the type.

enumeration "UniqueName"
		"key1" "value1"
		"key2" "value2"

The code and criteria refer to enumerations with square brackets and a double colon separator, e.g.: [NPCState::Idle]

In response_rules.txt, enumeration is used to represent NPC States.

enumeration "NPCState"
	"None"		"0"
	"Idle"		"1"
	"Alert"		"2"
	"Combat"	"3"
	"Scripted"	"4"
	"PlayDead"	"5"
	"Dead"		"6"