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Portal 2 ent_hover_turret_tether is a point entity available in Portal 2 . It is the proper entity to be used to suspend an npc_hover_turret from the ceiling, and is used by setting its name to the npc_hover_turret's "attachTarget" keyvalue. Currently, no official documentation exists on its use.

Bug.png Bug: This entity requires that the model npcs/hover_turret.mdl is precached in the map, but it will not do this itself. To fix this, you must place a prop_dynamic with this model somewhere in the map and make sure that it is above all tethers in the vmf.

FGD Code

@PointClass base(Targetname,Parentname,Angles) studio("models/editor/axis_helper_thick.mdl") = ent_hover_turret_tether :
"Tether that hover turrets attach to."
	// Inputs
	input SetLightingOrigin(string)
	input SetLightingOriginHack(string)
	input BecomeRagdoll(void)
	input IgniteHitboxFireScale(float)
	input IgniteNumHitboxFires(integer)
	input IgniteLifetime(float)
	input Ignite(void)
	input SetBodyGroup(integer)
	input skin(integer)
	input RemovePaint(void)
	input CallScriptFunction(string)
	input RunScriptCode(string)
	input RunScriptFile(string)
	input FireUser4(string)
	input FireUser3(string)
	input FireUser2(string)
	input FireUser1(string)
	input AddOutput(string)
	input EnableDrawInFastReflection(void)
	input DisableDrawInFastReflection(void)
	input EnableReceivingFlashlight(void)
	input DisableReceivingFlashlight(void)
	input EnableDraw(void)
	input DisableDraw(void)
	input EnableShadow(void)
	input DisableShadow(void)
	input ClearContext(string)
	input RemoveContext(string)
	input AddContext(string)
	input DispatchResponse(string)
	input DisableDamageForces(void)
	input EnableDamageForces(void)
	input SetDamageFilter(string)
	input SetLocalAngles(string)
	input SetLocalOrigin(string)
	input ClearParent(void)
	input SetParentAttachmentMaintainOffset(string)
	input SetParentAttachment(string)
	input SetParent(string)
	input AlternativeSorting(boolean)
	input Alpha(integer)
	input Use(void)
	input KillHierarchy(void)
	input Kill(void)
	input fademaxdist(float)
	input fademindist(float)
	input SetTeam(integer)
	input TeamNum(integer)
	// Outputs
	output OnFizzled(void)
	output OnIgnite(void)
	output OnUser4(void)
	output OnUser3(void)
	output OnUser2(void)
	output OnUser1(void)

The hover turret's full (unfinished and, therefor, broken) FGD data can be found here. To do: Finish the Tether's FGD entry