Effect flags

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	EF_BONEMERGE			= 0x001,	// Performs bone merge on client side
	EF_BRIGHTLIGHT 			= 0x002,	// DLIGHT centered at entity origin
	EF_DIMLIGHT 			= 0x004,	// player flashlight
	EF_NOINTERP			= 0x008,	// don't interpolate the next frame
	EF_NOSHADOW			= 0x010,	// Don't cast no shadow
	EF_NODRAW			= 0x020,	// don't draw entity
	EF_NORECEIVESHADOW		= 0x040,	// Don't receive no shadow
	EF_BONEMERGE_FASTCULL		= 0x080,	// For use with EF_BONEMERGE. If this is set, then it places this
							// ent's origin at its parent and uses the parent's bbox + the max
							// extents of the aiment. Otherwise, it sets up the parent's bones
							// every frame to figure out where to place the aiment, which is
							// inefficient because it'll setup the parent's bones even if the
							// parent is not in the PVS.
	EF_ITEM_BLINK			= 0x100,	// blink an item so that the user notices it.
	EF_PARENT_ANIMATES		= 0x200,	// always assume that the parent entity is animating